Jacqui never saw it coming

Every day, 11 Australian women lose their lives to a heart attack.* Many are mums who put other people's needs before their own.

I thought heart attacks were an old man’s disease, I never thought this could happen to me.

Jacqui was just 43 and a busy mum, with two young girls. Then suddenly without warning she had a heart attack on an otherwise ordinary, happy night at home with her family. Soon after, her heart stopped beating completely.

Elli, Jacqui’s youngest daughter, watched on in horror as her mum collapsed. Jacqui’s husband frantically tried CPR to revive her.

“My eyes went up into my head. I wasn’t breathing. Tony told me later that I had died, I was gone. When I finally woke up in hospital the doctors said that I’d crossed over to the other side for over 10 minutes.”


Like Jacqui, around 25% of women have a heart attack and experience no chest pain. Too many still think heart attacks are something that only affects elderly men. So many women don’t recognise the danger, or seek life-saving emergency treatment for more subtle symptoms and warning signs like nausea, dizzy spells, back and arm pain.

So many women don’t recognise the danger, or seek lifesaving emergency treatment for more subtle symptoms and warning signs like nausea, dizzy spells, back and arm pain. Jacqui was young. She had just joined a gym, and was fit and healthy. Shortly before her heart attack, Jacqui had experienced a sharp stabbing sensation in the middle of her back that would come and go. But as mums do, she soldiered on with her busy life looking after her husband and two young daughters.

Jacqui wants to share her story so you understand your power to stop women, including those you love, dying from a tragic premature death.

Please make a tax-deductible gift before June 30, to the Heart Foundation to help save the lives of people just like Jacqui.


*Based on 2015 causes of death figures, Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016, Causes of death, Australia, 2015, cat. no. 3303.0

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One Woman dies of a heart attack every two hours

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