Bill’s Story

Saying goodbye is so hard. As Emma’s family knows all too well.

Emma found her cheeky and much-loved little brother Bill taken by cardiac arrest in the house he’d dreamed of renovating. He was only 36.

Every day, 55 Australian lives are lost to heart disease. They are young and old and can seem healthy one day and be gone the next. Sometimes there are subtle warnings.

Emma wants to stop other families suffering like she has, so she has become a regular Big Heart Appeal volunteer doorknocker.

Each September, Emma and her fellow doorknockers generously give their time to raise funds for lifesaving heart research, education and ongoing support.

Of giving up her time for the Big Heart Appeal, Emma says, “We can’t bring Bill back, but we can stop others losing loved ones.”

Emma’s mum, Sue battles with the loss of her son every day. Sue says, “Losing Bill, the baby of my four children, was so devastating and painful. Nothing you can do will change what’s happened. You ask yourself endless questions, but life is never the same.”

Watch Emma’s story and see why it’s important to donate to the Big Heart Appeal. Your spare change can change lives. 

Donate to the Big Heart Appeal.

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