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Federal Budget submission 2017-18

Heart Foundation Federal Budget Submission 2017-18 (PDF)

Federal Election 2016

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer of Australians, and represents one of the largest and most costly components of our nation’s chronic disease crisis. To save lives and reduce the economic burden of cardiovascular disease, the next Australian Government must take swift and decisive action. Read about the six actions required to tackle cardiovascular disease.

Australia needs a National Physical Activity Action Plan

An unprecedented overview of physical activity and public health across the globe has reinforced the need for a comprehensive policy response in Australia.

Australian Heart and Stroke Charter

With support from 9 leading health groups, the Heart Foundation and Stroke Foundation have released the Australian Heart and Stroke Charter, calling for action to end the complacency on cardiovascular disease.

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Heart Foundation publication

Australian heart disease statistics 2014

Documents the current and recent burden of heart disease, including risk factors and comorbidities. For the first time in Australia, national data relating to cardiovascular disease has been brought together in a single comprehensive resource.

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