Workplace wellness

Workplace wellness

Resources for your workplace

Sit less posters

A range of four posters that act as a visual cue to prompt workers to stand or move more frequently in a workplace setting. These posters also provide imagery on ways that people can reduce extended sitting throughout the day. 

Guides to make your workplace healthier

Other resources

  • Workplace Wellness Toolbox An overview of Heart Foundation resources for workplaces implementing their own workplace wellness programs. 
  • The Healthier Workplace WA program offers free services to all workplaces across Western Australia to help them support and encourage workers to make positive lifestyle changes that benefit everyone. Visit the website
  • Catering and preparing foods Guidelines and resources for workplace catering
  • BeUpstanding - A free interactive toolkit for getting your workplace to stand up, sit less and move more. Researchers at The University of Queensland designed this online resource to raise awareness and build a supportive culture to create a ‘dynamic’ workplace where sitting less and moving more is the norm. 


‘Sit Less and Move More’ workplace program case studies

During 2016, two workplaces introduced a Sit Less & Move More program into their workplace, with support from the Heart Foundation and the University of Sydney’s Prevention Research Collaboration (PRC). The program involved implementing and evaluating a number of strategies to reduce prolonged sedentary behaviour in workers. The following case studies present the outcome of each of these workplace programs:

Healthy workplace guide case studies

In 2013, the Heart Foundation NSW offered small grants to three workplaces to apply the principles of the 'Healthy Workplace Guide- Ten steps to implementing a workplace health program' to their workplace health program. Each workplace tailored their program to their workforce and included activities that focused on workplace policy, environment and people. The following case studies presents the outcomes of each of the three workplace health programs:

Workplace wellness program 2013 case study - Heart Foundation NSW

Since 2009, the Heart Foundation NSW has offered a wellness program for staff across four office locations. This case study presents the impact of the 2013 program. The program adapted the World Health Organization’s Healthy Workplace Framework and Model and included a broad range of activities that focused on workplace culture, environment, health and wellbeing opportunities and connections with the wider community. Workplace wellness program case study (PDF)

Heart Foundation's stand @ work study

A case study detailing the results of the Stand @ Work study is available. The study reviews the effectiveness of using sit-stand workstations  to decrease the sitting times of office workers. Stand @ work case study (PDF) 

Staff wellness program case study – the NSW Heart Foundation

In 2009 the NSW office of the Heart Foundation implemented a wellness program. Activities were developed around a theme of ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ and included meditation classes, lunch time seminars, volunteering opportunities and team building activity sessions. Staff wellness program case study (PDF)

Sitting in the news report: An analysis of sedentary behaviour coverage in Australian newspapers

This report prepared by the Prevention Research Collaboration of the University of Sydney presents the findings from a study about the way in which Australian newspapers report on sedentary behaviour as a health issue. Sitting in the news report (PDF)

Workforce health solutions

Over ten million Australian’s spend an average of eight hours per day in the workplace. Effective workforce health programs have been shown to improve the health and wellbeing of employees and facilitate organisational changes, such as reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

Workforce health programs can cover a broad range of health areas including nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation and/or stress management to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff. With more than fifty years of experience as Australia’s leading heart health charity, we will work with you to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff.

As part of our consultation we take the time to understand your employee health objectives and the health risks of your business. Our programs can be tailored to meet these needs within your budget.

Our workforce health solutions are delivered in partnership with Remedy Healthcare.

Case study

Learn more about the improvements evidence-based health coaching can make to your employee health and wellbeing. View summary report (PDF)

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