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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health is an important focus of our research program. Each year we fund Australia’s best and brightest researchers to explore a wide range of issues around heart disease, including areas relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, including rheumatic heart disease (affecting the heart valves), ischaemic heart disease (also known as coronary artery disease) and high blood pressure.

Better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities is central to closing the gap in health outcomes. The Heart Foundation strongly encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers, Community Controlled Health Services and Aboriginal Medical Services and students to apply for research funding.

Learn more about the Heart Foundation’s research programs.

Australian Indigenous Scholarships

Read about researchers who have received the scholarship and learn more about their work:

  • Michelle Bovill is a Heart Foundation researcher who works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and health workers to develop health information.
    Read more about Michelle’s work and how it is contributing to lower smoking rates.
  • Dr Sean Taylor is a descendant of the Daurerb Tribe, one of eight tribes from Mer Island (Murray Island) in the Torres Strait. He began his career as an Indigenous Health Worker in his home community.
    Listen to his story and hear more about his research career.
  • Dr Kyly Mills is a Kamilaori woman (from southern New South Wales). Her work focuses on evaluating a chronic disease self-management program in an urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.
    Discover more about her work.

Learn about the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Awards, including how to apply.