Christmas Appeal 2017

 Meet Troy

Troy is lucky to be alive this Christmas

Troy’s wife Rebecca, Jess – 18 and Jayda – 7 are grateful for another Christmas together, but the emotional rollercoaster of the last couple of years has kept them all on edge.

Meet the happy family

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Troy’s story took a shocking turn two years ago, when just before Christmas, he had a cardiac arrest. Troy was in hospital, recovering from a routine operation. Rebecca and the girls were visiting when his heart suddenly stopped. He was unresponsive for 3 minutes and 16 seconds.

“His head was banging against the wall. Then he was still. We were screaming and I was scared. The nurses and doctors ran in. We watched from the hall as two doctors jumped on Daddy with a special machine.” – Jayda
“I heard one of the doctors say: ‘he’s back’. The girls and I slumped in shock on the corridor floor crying hysterically.” – Rebecca

After a long recovery, the family finally made plans to go away on holiday this year. Unfortunately, those plans are on hold as Troy recently had another cardiac arrest. Revived for the sixth time in two years, Troy knows he’s lucky to be alive.

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