What is Big Heart Appeal?

What is Big Heart Appeal?

The Big Heart Appeal is the Heart Foundation's annual doorknock campaign.

Each year, thousands of big-hearted volunteers doorknock in local communities to raise funds for lifesaving heart research, education and ongoing support.

When is it on?

Our doorknockers will be active from 1-30 September, with a couple of exceptions:

QLD – 1-14 September

WA – 1-30 September, excluding Sunday 17 and 24

How can I help?

If you get a visit from one of our volunteer doorknockers this September, please give generously or donate online. Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

How do I recognise an official Big Heart Appeal doorknocker?

All of our volunteer doorknockers can be identified by three items:

  • Official Identification Badge, marked 2017, showing name and 6-digit Collector Number
  • Big Heart Appeal Receipt Book
  • Big Heart Appeal Collection Bag

Where does the money go?

Our generous doorknockers and donors make a significant contribution to the fight against heart disease. Here’s a range of examples of what a donation can do:

  • $10 allows us to send a free information booklet to one at-risk Australian who needs help to improve their heart health.
  • $50 allows five people to access our Health Information Service hotline where a qualified health professional can provide personalised information on heart health, nutrition and lifestyle – free of charge to the caller.
  • $100 could pay for a DNA test that can help a researcher discover new and innovative treatments for heart disease.
  • On a large scale, $100,000 can fund a prestigious Heart Foundation Fellowship for the best and brightest mid-career cardiovascular researchers. This allows them to continue to contribute to a growing base of knowledge in biomedical, clinical and public health research.

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