Doorknocker information

Doorknocker Information

Doorknocking tips

1. No cash? No problem! If someone wants to donate but doesn’t have cash, let them know they can donate online anytime at
2. Start your doorknock early — you’ll have time to revisit homes with no answer.
3. Always wear your collector identification badge when doorknocking and take your receipt book, a pen and collector bag.
4. Doorknock in the early evening on weekdays, and during the day on weekends.
5. Introduce yourself by your first name and as a neighbour from down the street.
6. Don’t be shy! Ask your friends, family and co-workers for a donation to support this important cause.
7. Your safety comes first! If in doubt about dogs or anything else don’t take chances and if an incident does occur call 1800 55 22 55.
8. Donations of $2 are tax deductible. If requested, provide a receipt.

Use this script at the door:

Hello, I’m……………………and I’m a volunteer for Heart Foundation Big Heart Appeal. I’m raising money to support new research to help stop so many Australians losing loved ones to heart disease. Did you know heart disease is Australia’s biggest killer of both men and women? Every year, thousands, many as young as their twenties or thirties with young families are suffering. A donation today can help save lives and prevent families being torn apart. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Quick ways to add $400 to your collection

Start off your fundraising by donating to yourself: $25
Ask your partner, spouse or best friend to match your donation : $25
Ask your family members for a donation: $50
Ask your neighbours: $40
Ask your friends (five friends at $20 each): $100
Ask members of a club you belong to (ten members at $10 each): $100
Post the link to your social media page asking for a donation: $50
Ask someone who has asked you for a donation: $10

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