Big heart Appeal 2018

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The survey found that: 

  • Apartments and houses have become less accessible
  • People are often not at home
  • Some people don’t like to answer the door
  • Many people no longer have cash available
  • People are less enthusiastic to give.

This is why the Heart Foundation will not run the Big Heart Appeal doorknock in its traditional format in 2018. Hence, there will not be a call out for doorknock volunteers this year.

Instead, the Heart Foundation will focus on developing more exciting and inviting ways to keep our doorknocker community involved. These opportunities will better reflect doorknockers interests and abilities. 

This could include helping the Heart Foundation with:

  • Community fundraising activities, like morning teas, bake-offs, walk-a-thons
  • Talking to school and local community groups
  • Sharing healthier living and nutrition messages with families and friends
  • Assisting at local events
  • Assisting in one of our local offices.

If you would like to share an idea of how volunteers could get involved with the Heart Foundation, please let us know at

To see how you can show your support right now visit our opportunities page