Move More Sit Less Evaluation Toolkit

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Evaluating a Move More, Sit Less program in your workplace

We have designed the following toolkit to assist in evaluating Move More, Sit Less programs in the workplace. This toolkit builds upon the existing Healthy Workplace Guide: Ten steps to implement a workplace health program and is specifically designed to assist your workplace in evaluating programs that target physical activity and sedentary behaviour. It provides step-by step instructions on which methods to choose, what questions to ask, and how to analyse and interpret your results.

The Toolkit contains seven sections:

  • Section 1: Getting started –  Explores the importance and reasoning for evaluating your program, and points to consider before getting started.
  • Section 2: Designing your evaluation – Step by step information and guidance to help you choose an appropriate evaluation design, outcomes and measurement tools. 
  • Section 3: Conducting the evaluation - Easy to follow, detailed instructions on how to plan and deliver your evaluation.
  • Section 4: Understanding and interpreting your results - Provides information on how to interpret and understand your results in a meaningful way.
  • Section 5: Sharing your findings – Building on Section 4, this section practical tools, tips and suggestions to present your finding to a broader audience in your workplace and beyond.
  • Section 6: Review and improve –  A reminder that program management and evaluation is an evolving process, and requires continual review and improvement.
  • Section 7: Resources, tools and appendices – Provides links to access toolkit specific instruction pages for each of the measurement tools, including information on how to conduct the measurement and interpret the data you have collected. This section also provides links to helpful external resources. 

Download the evaluation toolkit

We would love your feedback

We are currently evaluating the use of the above resource. If you have used the Move More, Sit Less Evaluation Toolkit to evaulate a program in your workplace, please help us by providing feedback.

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