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Activate My Day
Photograph: Eva Schroder, Canberra Weekly

Be part of creating our active community

While Canberra is a great place to live and has many facilities that make it a well-connected, active city, almost half of Canberrans are not sufficiently active for their health (Source: Heart Foundation (2016) Heatmaps

The vision for Canberra is to be an active city that is well connected, attractive and accessible for all ages and abilities. See how you can activate your day and develop healthy habits just by using the city around you.

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Our top eight tips to get active

1. Active travel - discover different ways to get to from A to B

Active travel is a fun, safe and healthy way to get to work, school or social outings. It beats sitting in traffic and Canberra is after all, the walking and cycling capital of Australia!

With extensive public transport options, including a bus network, numerous cycle paths, bike & ride and park & ride facilities, it's never been easier for Canberrans to take the first step (or pedal) towards an active lifestyle. 

Find out more about the ACT Government's initiatives on active travel for the community

2. Part way drop off to school

Part way drop off is part of the ACT Government initiative, Active Streets for Schools, that provides alternative drop off points for people who need to drive their children to school.  

Visit Active Travel for Schools for maps and more information.

3. Park & Pedal

A new, easy way to get around Canberra is to Park & Pedal.

Park your car for free and pedal your bike for the remainder of your journey. Cycling is a convenient way of travel that allows you to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.

Pedal Power has a number of bike riding programs and cycling tips for all ages and abilities. These include learn to ride, become a regular rider, ride to work, ride with a disability, bike maintenance, and more.

4. Walk or ride to local destinations

Walking or riding to local destinations in your neighbourhood is not only good for your health, it's also a great way to engage with your community.  

Living within walking distance of shops, parks, public transport stops and having accessible bike paths makes it much easier to get the physical activity we need every day.

Find out more about Bike Stops, a collection of local businesses who provide a range of facilities for bike riders.

5. Have walking meetings in the workplace

Besides taking regular breaks from your computer, use meetings as a chance to stand up and reduce your sitting time.

Stand at the back of the room during presentations or suggest walking meetings. A few simple changes, such as short 10 – 15 minute walks throughout the day, will help boost your daily physical activity.  

Healthier Work has developed an initiative to reward Canberra businesses who are committed to the workplace health and well-being journey.

6. Walk with a friend

Walking helps to reduce stress, be more alert, have a healthier body and build strong relationships.

Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, walking can be done just about anywhere and is free.

The Heart Foundation walking program is also free to join and a great way to start getting active. You can participate as an individual, create a group or join one of the existing walking groups across the capital region.

Visit Transport Canberra for popular recreational walking routes and maps for your next catch up with friends.

7. Active families

Making physical activity part of family time can be easy by making a few simple changes.

Get the kids involved in gardening, play together as a family, keep a box of skipping ropes, frisbees, balls and hula hoops handy for some fun-filled exercise. Visit Good Habits for Life for more kids activities. 

Encouraging physical activity not only sets kids up for healthy habits in adulthood, but it's also a great way to spend quality time together. 

Get your family moving with more of our tips.  

8. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator

Incidental physical activity can have far more benefits than you think.

By simply taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, you’ll start building a healthier heart and body.

Additional active living programs and information

Active Living in the ACT

There is growing recognition that the way spaces and places have been designed and built, impact on how much formal and informal exercise people do around their neighbourhoods. 

Recent changes to the Territory Plan have incorporated six Active Living Principles into ACT’s main statutory planning document enabling the natural and built environment to support the creation of our healthy and active city.

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