Where our funds go

The majority of our funding comes from kind people like you, so we constantly strive to direct as much as possible of the funds we raise directly to our cause.
For more than 50 years we’ve worked hard to ensure the money entrusted to us is used as efficiently and effectively as possible to bring maximum impact. 
We’re deeply appreciative of the support given to us by so many big-hearted Australians. Every donation helps in the fight against heart disease, which is the number one killer of men and women in Australia.
Donations from the community help us to:

  • fund world-class research
  • develop guidelines for health professionals
  • support patient care for people living with heart disease
  • help Australians to live healthier lifestyles
  • advocate to government and industry to improve heart health in Australia.

Where do we get our money?

As a charity, most of our funding comes from everyday Australians. In 2015 87% of our funding came from your generous support and charitable grants. The other 18% came from government grants and funding.

Expenditure pie chart

How do we spend our fundraising dollars?

Of every dollar donated to the Heart Foundation:

  • 56 cents goes directly to the fight against heart disease, including health programs, public education and research. 
  • 22 cents is invested into raising additional funds.
  • 9 cents is spent on communications and administration.
  • 13 cents is placed in reserve to safeguard the future of the organisation.

Where does the money raised go?

In 2015 your big hearts helped us raise $74.7 million.

We spent $63.7 million to help make a difference to Australia’s heart health. 

Through health programs and public education we are making a difference to the heart health of all Australians.  In 2015 we invested more than $28.7 million (38% of our income) in these activities. 

Research has the potential to save thousands of lives and the Heart Foundation is the largest non-government funder of cardiovascular research in Australia. In 2015 we invested $12.5 million (17% of our income) to fund 205 major research awards.  Over the past 5 years we have invested $64 million in vital research. 

Since 1959, we have invested the equivalent of $537 million towards research into the cause, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease. Heart disease is still the single biggest killer of Australians – so there is still a lot of work to do.

expenditure bar chart

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