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Join us for Jump Rope 2015!

Each year, Heart Foundation Jump Rope attracts over 300,000 school students, in over 1,300 schools around the country -  we've given Australian schools enough rope to stretch from Australia to Hawaii!

Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart is all about teaching Aussie kids how to keep fit and healthy. It improves their strength and confidence in physical activities and builds healthy bones and muscles. Students can have lots of fun with their class mates and play lots of skipping games too. At the same time they will be helping save Australian lives by asking their family and friends to sponsor them for being a part of this fun program. Funds raised go towards research to help the fight against heart disease and stroke.

If you want your students to be a part of Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart this year, please contact us.

If your students and school are already registered with Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart, thanks for jumping on board. We hope they have lots of fun and learn lots of new skipping skills and other great physical activities. We look forward to seeing some great results.

Thanks for your help in fighting heart disease and stroke!